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Target Up, is now Peninsula General Insurance Agency!

With decades of experience, Peninsula General has been helping drivers find low cost insurance

for car, home, business and commercial.

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This is true, regardless if you need general insurance or the lowest down payment policy, we can help.

If you are experiencing rising premium rates, or just ridiculously high insurance quotes, then you need a specialty market.

Just like with any type of coverage, each insurance carrier will have a niche for your specifications.


Why Buy Direct with Peninsula General?

Great question, especially since there are so many insurance providers and companies to sell you coverage.

But, not all insurance carriers or companies are alike.

Some offer low cost full coverage auto insurance, others are found by the cheapest car insurance yahoo answers

Yes, there are many places that offer the same exact product, in this case, coverage, but it’s who will offer the lowest down.

Plus, low cost auto insurance should not mean you should have to sacrifice coverage or service for price.




buy cheap auto insurance online



How to find Low Down Car Insurance Quotes?

So, keep that in mind when you do find the lowest down policy.

As you know, the down payment is of top priority to most people.

And, it should be. It’s money out of your pocket, so why not keep more of it in your own pocket.

Now, there are times when you may only need really cheap auto insurance for a day,

or a month to month policy, to satisfy another need.


These other needs can include:




What are the Reasons for this Insurance Policy Type?

These are just a few of the reasons why people may only need a day or month auto insurance policy.

In this example, down payment means everything.

You are not going to keep the policy long term anyhow, so it makes sense,

to find the cheapest down car insurance payment policy.

This example may not apply to you if you currently have insurance coverage, but still need to shop rates.

Maybe there is a new driver in your household, or the purchase or that new vehicle has just increased your policy threefold, and your forced to shop around.

Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence.



Find Cheap Car Insurance Near me? – Expectations?

In this example, you don’t want to sacrifice coverage for price.

Meaning, you always want to make sure there are no coverage gaps in your low cost insurance policy.

If you are only ordering the basic model, but expect the premium version, then gaps in coverage and expectations will exist.

So, start off with your needs first. Want are you looking for in free car insurance quotes? Long term? Short term?

This will help you and the agent you talk with, decide your best option plan.




cheap auto insurance online



What Variations of Insurance Policies and Plans are there?

This is why there are so many variety of insurance places, programs and plans.

We love competition, and so should you.

Competition keeps rates low, and service expectations high.

This is a great variation to finding the best insurance quote in California.



Find More General Insurance Information in CA

We have specialized programs for every type of driver and vehicle.

It’s just a matter of you finding which marketplace you fall into.

An experienced agent or broker, can help walk you through this process.

Insurance buying should incorporate some level of education.

Understanding what your policy entails is very important.

Price will not make sense, if you have gaps in coverage, unless coverage is not the motivating factor for purchase.

It’s best to always have a comprehensive policy review, done by a licensed, experienced and knowledgeable insurance advisor.



High Risk Insurance – Specialty Market

OK, this is a perfect example of what a specialty or niche market group would be.

Not all insurance companies offer these type of programs or plans.

This is why many people shop and compare rates with insurance brokers or agents.


Coverage options for drivers with bad driving records include:







More Auto Insurance Coverage Options?

Below are some of the following insurance programs that you can find on a personal automobile policy.

There are many times in your life, that you may need to purchase one or all of them.

More then likely, your lifestyle will change over the course of decades,

so there are different types of policies for different types of needs.

Like, Low cost insurance health or low income car insurance CA.

Finding your best fit is the best starting point.



For example, to buy auto insurance online with checking account,

or where to buy auto insurance online instantly.



  • Non Owner Insurance
  • Full Coverage Auto Insurance
  • Liability Only Auto Insurance
  • Leased Vehicles
  • Financed Vehicles



Find Insurance Policy Coverage Discounts?

Who doesn’t love discounts? We all love them. It’s an opportunity to save money on the same coverage.

I am sure you have better things to spend your money on then higher insurance premiums or hidden fees.

No one likes either so, in effort to help save you money, below are some of the most common policy discounts.

Now after you review all the discount options below, you might wonder if there are more.

You would be correct. There are others, but not that common place.



Think. Write Down. And Save

A good way to think of all the savings you could potentially get is, think about what you do,

where you go, what membership or affiliations you have and so forth.

You get the picture.

So, employment status could be your first point.

You may be in the Military, so, that discount would be available to you if offered through your carrier.

Just because there are policy discounts, does not mean every insurance company will offer them on their plans.



Compare Plans

So, when comparing low car insurance rates and quotes, jot down a few of the discount items below.

Then, let the agent or broker know before going in.

This way, they will know what carriers to shop rates in.

It helps narrow the search, and can save you money at the end.

A little time and energy in this project, can help reduce even your current insurance bill.

All tips and advice related to money savings should be shared to the public, so, we hope this piece reaches many.



Policy Discounts:


  • Multi policy discounts available for home, motorcycle and commercial coverage.
  • Good Driver Car Insurance Discounts – Save up to 25% off your total premium
  • Academic and Work Associations
  • Military Discounts
  • Student Discounts – High School, College and University
  • Renters and Homeowners Discounts



The Car Insurance Buying Process?

Everything has a process, so why not buying insurance online or over the phone.

This process is quick and easy on a technical end.

Basically, if you have an email address, you are good to go.

It really is that simple.

The other part of buying anything online or over the phone is trust.

We all do it. We verify a business before doing business with them.

This is a great recommendation for any industry.



Low Cost Local Insurance – Local and State Search

It’s pretty easy to do a quick background search on an insurance company or provider.

If you found them online, a license number to conduct and transact insurance will be listed on the website.

If, not a simple name search in the State database will do the trick

This license number or name search, can be referred back to Department of Insurance.

This way you can see for yourself, if an agency or company has an active license to do business in the State your interested in.

There are other ways, but this will give you a solid background on the insurance industry they provide.

For example, California low cost auto insurance reviews or low income health insurance California.



Simple Process. Easy to do.

Once you have done your investigative work, read below to learn more

about the easy way of buying cheap auto insurance coverage.

No matter where you live, or who you are, everyone can enjoy the simple process,

with access to an internet and payment card.



Pre Online Shopping?

This phenomenon would have never made sense in the insurance industry Pre 2005.

So, finding low cost auto insurance quotes has become easier with time.

The lack of technology advances and distrust of online buying made it basically impossible.

Of course, there were new underwriting guidelines in place, for this new sphere of insurance buying.




car insurance buying process




Show Me the Insurance Process:


  • Call or Click for your Online Insurance Quote
  • Buy Online, over phone or at a Local Office
  • Instant auto insurance to your inbox or phone!
  • Electronic DMV notification of coverage
  • Finance and Lease Insurance Verification






Why Us! – Updated as of Winter 2018

We’re a little different.
Well, actually a lot different. We want our entire website to evolve around one thing, you.
This means we, Peninsula General Insurance, as January 2018, are converting all web-pages into a Q & S site.
What this means to you, is a wealth of information on any insurance related topic you may have, all in one place.
It will be like the Wikipedia of insurance.
We have all done it. Searched online for a question about insurance.
You may be looking to lower your current rate or shop for a new driver in the household.
Regardless of the reason for your search, it’s sometimes frustrating surfing online.
All the pages, sites, review sites, government sites and so forth.
Don’t you wish you can just go to one industry site, that has a combination of platforms
all within one domain. This would be nice. Not only nice, but convenient.
Convenience of Shopping and Buying Online
Think about it, we now live in an age where time is of the essence.
What we do with all this extra time, who knows, but we still crave the need for speed.
We get it, it’s integrated into all of us on some form or another.
Formula for Success?
So, now let’s get to the formula of the idea.
Each web-page on this domain was designed as a product tool.
Just information for the average reader to digest about that specific product.
Now, what we are going to do, is take that evergreen content and integrate several other platforms into it.
Basically, we are taking all the research data from high authority sites from different platforms.
Platforms will come from all areas a person who has questions about insurance would go to.
So, for example, your an online user, you type in a question into your favorite search engine.
For example, instant auto insurance no down payment.
You are bombarded instantly with a number of different platforms and information related around your question.
The only problem is, your exact question is not there.
For example, looking for farmers car insurance or just cheap health insurance.
Then when you scroll down to look for reputable domains to gather information from,
you are overwhelmed with the complexity or amount of data to stiff through.
This is a very normal feeling.
Most of us give up, or just pick up the phone and call someone within the industry of low cost insurance.
The only problem is you may get a different answer from different people, or worse, the wrong answer.
Error of Information
It happens, it’s called human error.
In our new Q & A site page, the homework is already done for you.
Better yet, verified from the top industry leaders in the field.
All of our Q & A sites will have academic, government and industry leader citations.
They will be sourced and provided credit for their content and ideas.
All insurance material found online and distributed on these pages will come from
high authority Alexa sites. Also, listed in the safe site free of web spam.
We are taking this approach to the insurance field very seriously.
Meaning, we are going to do the all the data research, from many different platforms, high authority sites for you.
Take any complex material that may either be time consuming or time confusing, either or, and break it down in a simple way.
Finding low cost health insurance CA, low income car insurance Los Angeles
or low cost auto insurance in California, should all have the same outcome.
Researched information on each topic.
Learning Made Easy
Learning does not have to be hard.
It can be fun if explained in a way for everyone to understand.
This is our main mission.
We want you, the everyday person, to have a place to come to find answers to your questions.
We are just now taking this project overload. Meaning, the date of this entry is the Winter of 2018.
Each page has original content and many research hours put into them.
There will be an index of the most common questions people have according to the top Q & S sites from Wikipedia.
Each question will have it’s own separate page of content. It will have a thorough overview of each.
Meaning, your question will be answered on so many different layers.
Layers of Conversation
These layers can be from a legal perspective, insurance perspective, claims perspective, governmental perspective and so forth.
You get the message. It will be an in-depth answer to your question.
The good news, it will be broken into a simple format.
Search was created to make getting answers easy.
So, why shouldn’t the insurance industry do the same.
Bottom line, is we hope this makes finding answers to insurance questions, easy.
Think of us like that girl or guy, who sat in front of your class,
knew all the answers, from all the right sources.
All you have to do is ask.
Constant Page Update
Each page is constantly updated.
This is because questions and circumstances may change.
Who knew that Uber Car Insurance would be of topic on search some 10 years ago.
Not many in the insurance industry that long ago.
But this a clear example that evolution is always among us.
Innovation has to be leader in technology.
We have great uses for technology, great mediums, but sometimes so much information can be overwhelming.
Then you have to worry about misinformation or disinformation.
For example, people believing very cheap car insurance no deposit, exist.
The only problem, it’s no different then the blind leading the blind.
Now, the person asking that question is in a worst position then when they asked it.
This can be scary, especially when you are talking about insurance and coverage.
There are so many layers, and intricacies to the business.
It can go really deep into terms, guidelines, rules, procedures and the list goes on.
So, to have an answer from an everyday person, providing advice on a whim is enough for any insurance professional to cringe.
The honest reason for this project is to help people.
Everyone wants to know who has the cheapest auto insurance for their lifestyle and needs.
Yes, we are a business, and like every business we need to make a profit to continue what we do.
It’s the what we do part that needed to have meaning.
It’s what you do, that should bring some form of purpose to your life.
Even if you think you have no direct influence in your work, you do.
Just the mere fact that you are present, plays a role. It’s just how you want to be present for that role.
So, this is why we decided to take on this ever-evolving project.
Even though technology continues to change the form of communication,
at the end of the day, we are still human beings, just trying to survive.
End Goal
The end goal for all of us is not just to survive, but thrive.
We hope that our compilations of tens of thousands of researched hours,
helps streamline your time management.
Because, if you save time trying to find answers, instead of just knowing where
to get them all, this in itself would increase your thriving time.
Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time doing something better.
Hanging out with your family, friends or just catching up on some much needed rest.
Your Reasons
Regardless of the reason, you have better things to do. This is in part reason for this creation.
To organize the data within search, across different platforms.
Organize all this data based on the most common questions. Take these questions and give you what you want.
The answers, right away of course. Not from just one source, or even a platform
or search engine, but a multitude of data collected from all different variants.
Variants of Insurance
All these variants have to come from reputable and verifiable sources.
If the data is not backed by concrete facts, it will not be included.
All data gathered, will be cited and sourced.
Just in case you want to read more in depth on a certain article or topic.
No matter your direction or navigation, if it helps the larger audience
find simpler solutions to complex questions, then we did our job.
This is our main focus. To help educate and teach others how to buy insurance.
Find great coverage, discounts and tips so, save money, and find information matching your needs.
Important Ingredients
Another main ingredient is not to be scared to write the truth.
A lot of times business will angle the lens to focus on their greatest assets.
The only problem is that their assets do not match yours.
This happens all the time. This is because you are looking for a key target product or a niche.
This isolated niche can depend on a multitude of factors.
Your driving record, how many cars you own whether or not you drive for work or carpool.
This list goes on and on, and then on some more.
As you can imagine, this all can become confusing if you are just looking for one thing.
So, why not have that one thing at your finger tips. Why not, good enough for us.
We have listened. We have seen many people over the years ask great questions.
Wouldn’t it be great to have great answers to follow them.
Well, that’s the plan in a nutshell.
Transparency, we all want it, but most of us have a hard time showing it to others.
It’s that one way street sign analogy.
Well, were going to change the rules.
If we research information that shows a competitor with better products, service, features and so forth, we will recognize that fact.
For example, if a question is asked who has the best insurance coverage in Los Angeles county for Liability only, 1990’s vehicles.
If we come across literature or a case study from a national institute, stating who that carrier or provider is,
we are not only posting it, but sharing it with the world.
Why not? Most businesses would say your crazy.
Why would you want to direct potential customers away.
Educate, not just Sell
It’s not that we are pushing anyone away, it’s part of the educational process.
It should be a service to help the public when you get into business.
Were not perfect. No one or business is. Having said that, sharing powerful 
and informative information to help others is the biggest service of all.
If we can help you find your niche market in the insurance world,
this can help save you so much time and money.
It’s the tools that we learn along the way of life that we need to share to others.
If these tools come in form of education, even better.
This education will stay with you not just today, but for many years to come.
Who knows, the next time someone asks you a question about insurance coverage, you will have the answer or know where to get it.
This is a powerful concept, and we hope takes flight within the online community.
The purpose is to improve the online insurance marketplace community. To hold us to a higher standard.

Online Insurance Marketplace

This is a collective effort to reduce online misinformation that only does a disservice to the public.
Also, if this undertaking reduces time spent on search, this means more time spent for you.
Who doesn’t need more time? Or, better said, time well spent.
The Why
It’s the right thing to do.
When you put off good energy and have good intentions, it always comes back to you.
There will always be hint of positivism and inspiration entangled in each piece.
This is just the nature of our philosophy. We want you to feel good about what you learn.
Learning can be fun. You know this because of personal experience.
You might have had a teacher in high school you couldn’t wait to go to.
The teacher made it fun, entertaining and you didn’t even realize you were learning.
The Real Power of Knowledge
This is the whole point of knowledge. It’s the point that you do not even know your doing it until you already have it.
Then once you have a tiny piece of information, you connect it with another piece of information.
This process happens until you ultimately have mastered that one piece of information that has become a massive storage bank of knowledge.
Google has definitely mastered this philosophy on a grand scale.
Like them or not, they are a formidable force, who understands the vision of online commerce, search and behavior.
This is exactly how online search should be.
Reduce waste-less content, spam-my sites that only recycle the same content, in hopes to gain first place in search.
We have all seen it. You land onto a website, and it’s the same content about how to buy a car, repeated over and over.
We all do it, that is advertise if you are a business.
This is a must. If you do not put your name out there, then how will anyone know how great you are.
Most businesses as you already know, have larger budgets for marketing and advertisement.
This is to obviously attract new customers.
Why should you care. Well, because you might be shopping in a market that is not best suited for you.
The only reason you connected with your current insurance company is through
the countless TV ads you seen on your favorite cable show.
This happens all the time.
We see something on TV, pick up the phone because the blue backdrop and jingle got you.
Don’t worry this happens unconsciously.
You don’t even realize it’s happening in most cases.
Don’t worry, there is a whole study dedicated to the study of cognitive science.
The study on how your brain processes certain ques, colors and sounds, and connects it to a brand.
Brands spend a sizable portion in branding and brand marketing.
There is no accident that certain companies stay on top, consistently.
Either a company has a great sponsor who has enough brand power to transfer fans into buyers.
This is a huge business of course.
Tens of thousand of dollars, up into the millions depending on sponsor and campaign initiative.
So, there is no surprise you have ended up with certain brands as your go to source.
In some cases, they are well deserved, in other cases not so much.

Island of Insurance and Ideas

If you isolate yourself to one group or category based on branding techniques,
then you might be missing out on true savings.
What if you had a bad driving record. Had a few DUI’s even. You might be scared to call around.
You may just find a source online because of convenience and branding,
and not even know you could have saved more money somewhere else.
Education First
If you have made it down the reading this far, then you are interested in learning.
That’s great news, because everything starts with curiosity.
Curiosity leads to exploring and coming to know, which comes from knowledge.
This knowledge comes from education and a curiosity to learn.
As you can see, this is an important chain in the learning process.
This process will help define your needs better.
Remember, if you do not know your needs first, no amount of education can serve you.
You may have to do a little research to find your specific needs.
Empower your Needs
Because, when you understand something, whether it be the lowest auto insurance policy,
or how to groom your poodle, your not afraid.
We have been in the insurance industry for decades.
Our experience has shown us that once people understand something they are asking a question too, everything changes.
They get more confident and before you know it, these small steps lead to larger steps.
For example, a rare case, but a great case for illustration purposes.
It was back in the 80’s, an insured wanted coverage for his car. This individual, knew absolutely nothing about insurance.
It was this person’s first time buying coverage and wanted to make sure he asked all the important questions
The reason and the way we communicate, doesn’t change the fact that we are still human-beings.


Find California Insurance Near Me

We work with over 100 A+ insurance companies who specialize in both good driver auto insurance & high risk driver coverage.

We do all the leg work from start to finish for you.

Because, buying a policy shouldn’t stop after the purchase. Service is our top priority!

Regardless if you live in Los Angeles or Orange County CA, we are here to help!

Before you buy cheap auto insurance online,  compare affordable quotes.

This way you know you are getting the lowest car insurance possible.

Because low cost insurance doesn’t start with just a quote, so find:


Affordable Renters Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance



Service Areas:  Los Angeles, Anaheim, Riverside, Fullerton, Corona, Orange, Ontario CA, & Orange County CA.


  • Any Car, Any Driver, Anywhere
  • NO License
  • EXPIRED License
  • SUSPENDED License
  • Young Drivers
  • Vehicle Registration Services
  • Sports Cars & 4×4 Trucks


Anti-Theft System

Cars with a built-in anti-theft system could earn you a discount of up to 25% on the comprehensive insurance.

Daytime Running Lights

Vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Lights as standard equipment could earn you a 1% discount.

Defensive Driving

If you’ve completed a defensive driving course, you may be able to save even more on your premium. Call for details!

Emergency Deployment

If you’re deployed as a member of “Iraqi Freedom” operational forces, you could be eligible for a 25% discount.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Does your car have a factory installed anti-lock braking system? Excellent! You could receive a 5% discount.

Good Driver

If you’ve been accident-free for five years, you may be able to save up to 26% on most coverage’s.

Driver's Education

If a young driver in your family has completed a driver’s education course, you may earn a discount.


If you are on active duty, National Guard, or Reserves, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 15%.

Air Bag

You could save up to 25% for driver-side air bags. These discounts apply to the medical payments or personal injury.

Seat Belt Use

Receive a discount of up to 15% off the medical payments or personal injury protection portion of your premium.

Good Student

Full time students with a good academic record could be eligible for up to a 15% discount on certain coverage’s.


Insure more than one car with Target Up and you could get a discount of up to 25% on most coverage’s.


I got away with a better coverage policy with perks like uninsured motorist and glass shatter services.

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Kathy Roberts
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Best insurance company ever. If you want to get the best price, ask for Charles. He is the answer!

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Shawn Bennet
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Charles was extremely helpful and found me affordable insurance even with my bad driving history.

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