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First time drivers car insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you are searching for an insurance company in Yorba Linda CA or any city in Orange County, California to help with this process, continue reading on.

No matter is you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you need to understand a few new driver tips as well as good driver tips.

This is a big step. There are a lot more questions if you are a new driver. Where to start, how much coverage do  I need, should  I just keep myself on my parent’s policy. These are some of the most common questions you may have as a new driver.

Great questions and asked by people of all ages and experience level so, don’t be shy, ask away.

Even if you are a parent of a new driver, you may have questions.


New Car Insurance Beginnings

Again, this is something new to you as well. It’s not everyday you have a child who is old enough to be a 1st time driver. Exiting stuff, but you still want to be grounded with the right information.

Just like there are specialty shops for certain items we love, in the car insurance world, this new driver market also exists.

  • It just may be a little more expensive then that signature latte or ice cream.
  • Understanding the coverage amounts required by state law is your first step.
  • After you know what limits of coverage needed, than you can begin your search for online quotes.

Any Driver Car Insurance – Limits of Liability

The most money allowed on your personal insurance Yorba Linda is the limit of liability protection on your policy.

This is the mount your company is to pay if a loss should occur. Legal systems are in place to make sure companies take care of their end.

Your carrier will pay the amount of your loss, minus any deductible that may be on your policy. Your carrier will only pay if you do not go over the policy limit.

If you do go over the limit of protection, than you would be responsible for other costs.



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Cost of Coverage

These costs can include medical damage, personal injury with so many other factors.

This means money out of your pocket. This is why it is important to make sure you are buying the right amount of coverage.

Sometimes people are getting less coverage than they know. This tends to be problematic when a loss or claim occurs. Only then do you realize that you were under protected.

This is not a good feeling. Especially when it comes to protection of your assets. Assets, why many of us work each day. To pay our rent or mortgage.


Asset or Deficit

Your vehicle payment is another asset for most. Of course, your car could be a debatable argument when it comes to asset. Some experts would argue it’s actually a deficit.

Another article, another day. Back to limits of liability.

Your provider or carrier will let you know what limits of coverage you have.

In some cases, you may have less liability coverage than what the state requires. Your carrier has to let you know this information.


Policy Overview

This way you are well informed when renewing your policy or looking elsewhere.

You will not be able to choose the limit of liability for physical damage.

Your limit of protection is the actual cash value of the covered vehicle, minus any deductibles.

An important point to note is that vehicles depreciate in value fast. Once you take your vehicle off the lot from a dealership, you have lost money.


Dealership Depreciation

Your new vehicle has already depreciated in value the minute you left that lot.

So, if you were to make a circle back to the same dealership, they wouldn’t offer you what you just paid for it.

An example of depreciation, is if you were to pay 20 thousand for a new ride five years ago, would not be the same today. You must know that you will never see that 20 thousand again.

Unless you have a rare exotic vehicle, your ride is worth less today. Carriers know this and is how they determine your pay out.

Your carrier may settle for ten thousand less than you paid five years ago. This would be settlement offer from your company.


Different Type Vehicles

Antiques and classics vehicle fall under a range of different insurance products.

Make sure your classic is not mis-classified under the wrong type. This can happen, not often, but it still can. So, just be proactive and review everything. This will make sure no errors are found.

If they are, you can correct them right away.


Actual Cash Value Vehicle Insurance

The actual cash value for a five year old ride should be enough if you need to purchase 5 years later. You can get something comparable today with the actual cash value amount.

If your vehicle was not a total loss, your carrier would pay the cost to repair coverage. This means that materials of like kind and quality are used to fix your vehicle.

You can always check with your carriers underwriting guidelines to replacement cost. This areas of your policy will let you know if same materials applies to your policy.


Recovery Process

Your provider or company does have the option of keeping your parts that had damage or had a theft loss.

The keyword here is option. Just keep in mind, companies can keep if they want.

The carrier will give you a check for the agreed or appraised amount on the policy.

A total loss is if your car has no chance to recover from repair. The carrier will pay out the total Actual Cash Value.

The company will keep your vehicle and the title of the vehicle. It will sell your wrecked vehicle to an auto salvage company.


Cycle Continues

This is the normal cycle for many vehicles after a loss. There is a complete process to an accident or claim. It is important to get all information of parties in a loss or claim.

This information will later go to a claims adjuster’s desk. Of course, you must report this loss to your carrier, how else would they know.

In some cases, the other party may contact your provider or your carrier.


Consumer Insurance Reporting

There are times where a consumer reports or clue report finds any losses or accidents.

It is always a good idea to be upfront throughout the process. It makes things easier for both ends. It can help speed up your claims process.

For example, if you had a claim with insurance company yorba linda CA, it would show up on the reporting system for the length of that conviction.


Documentation of Personal Policy

Collection of information can be time consuming and hinder your case.

If you have photos, police reports or other documentation from the scene, good. Let your claim adjuster know this. They will want copies of this information.

A police report is a great piece of evidence for the claims department. It is a great starting point.

Once your information has processed, the next step is having your vehicle looked at for damage.


Policy Walk Through

A claim adjuster will walk you through the process. Follow their lead and direction. They are there to help you. They understand the process well. Remember, you do not do claims everyday, they do.

As a lot of questions about what limits of liability of coverage you are getting. Asses your personal needs right now. Not where your will be in 5 years or how your lifestyle was.

This is good advice if you are doing a policy comprehensive review. This review will show any gaps in coverage. It will also reduce any premium with unnecessary coverage limits.


Review before a Claim

It’s always a good idea to review what exactly you are getting coverage for. This always becomes the most important point in the insurance process, after the fact though. So, don’t wait to the very end. Ask the insurance company how they handle claims.

Have them walk you through their guidelines. For example, do you have to use their body shops or can you go outside on your own. Very important question to ask before you buy. Sometimes, we are in a rush to save a buck or two and fail to see the bigger picture.

This is where that bigger picture can bite you in the tail.


Policy Exclusions

Also, since you are looking into the claims process, check into policy exclusions.

These are exclusions that a carrier will make in the event of a claim.

Very important knowledge to know before hand so, do a little policy coverage outline.



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