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Regardless if you own a car or trucking business, you need the cheapest insurance policy possible. Finding affordable coverage should not come at the expense of service or coverage options.

So, if your business is located  in Anaheim CA or Costa Mesa for example, make sure your provider has a market for your territory.


General Definition of Insurance Coverage

The general definition of quality protection at the lowest rate, is finding what niche market your in.

Let’s look at some of the options you will find under a quality business policy.

Most smaller trucking companies will not need to buy business income coverage.


Most of these small companies may need to buy extra expense coverage.


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Additional Protection

This is to help pay for any additional expenses to keep in business if a loss should happen.

This is an important feature in coverage. Actual extra expenses will vary in description.

Most of the time it will include items not known in the general public.

  • These items include employee overtime, additional advertising expenses, renting fess of temporary office premises.
  • It will also include vehicle storage sites and reimbursement for business expense costs.
  • These costs include with general operations. For example, the rental of temporary phones, faxes or copiers.


Warehouse Operations

Lets look at how the warehousing operation will perform under these conditions.

For example, a transit company gets income through many channels. One channel is when a trucker can have both extra expense and business interruption.

  • This type of protection is for specific hazards.
  • These are all provided with some type of business income form. This form will also include extra expense in it.
  • This combined approach is the best way of getting separate policies.
  • Now you do not have to buy 2 different policies to get all your coverage options.


Discount Brokers Comparison

Insurance Brokers can assist in this process. Combined coverage forms will not have a monthly limit specified for loss of income.

Most start up companies rent or lease their initial business locations.

They will do this in conjunction of having ownership of the buildings.

For these types of firms, rental value coverage would kick into to pay for these expenses.

Expenses of renting other locations if the space becomes unusable as a result of a covered loss.




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Insurance – Trucking Company Rentals

This can be useful for a tucking company with certain rental and leasing terms in their contract.

This means payments for their rental or leased space would continue. This is irregardless of it being habitable.

The most common way of providing rental value coverage would to include it on the business form.

  • This approach can be better to having a separate policy.
  • Because the combined business interruption and expense form does not have monthly limits.
  • This coverage is for either the rental value or business income expense coverage.


Time Element Coverage 

Another time element coverage is not collectible accrued storage charges.

This protection provides warehouse operations with coverage.

This non standard coverage is to insure against the loss of accrued storage charges.

It is also for earned freight charges that are not collectible.

As an example, if a loss destroyed or damaged your customer’s property would fall into the plan.


Differing Options

Make sure you understand that this example differs from rental value coverage.

This is coverage pays only for loss of future earnings and not existing receivables.

It is also different from the traditional accounts receivable insurance.

  • This pays for customer accounts rendered not collectible. The has to be due to the loss of the actual records. Accrued storage charge protection is another feature.
  • This will pay when the customer refuses to pay the rental or shipping charges.
  • This happens when merchandise from your customer is gone. Lost or destroyed merchandise while in the truckers care.


Specialty Coverage Policy

A specialty coverage policy, warehouse-men’s legal liability is coverage on a single form.

You can check within this market to find the right specialist who understand your needs.

Now, if you lease the building, you may find that after a loss, they cannot secure similar quarters.

This was before the destruction. The difference between the cost of the trucker’s present lease and future quarters.


Leasehold Interest Protection

Leasehold interest insurance can protect you against financial loss.

This type of loss is due to termination of such favorable lease agreements.

This is important if you are a transit company. It maintains large vehicle yards or warehouse terminals.


Contingent Exposures

Contingent exposures are another element of time. It is the exposure involving customers or sub contractors.

This endorsement, a depended property helps reduce costs.

These additional expenses that arise out of the loss or damage to a non owned, scheduled property.

This type of protection can be good for those who do contract carriers.

If you rely upon one or two main shippers for the bulk of your business, this is for you.


Policy Limitations

Keep in mind, that most versions of this coverage have limitations. These are to those perils in the basic income form.

Many drivers can be subject to contingent losses that are not covered.

This is even when the special clause of the loss form are used.

For example, a driver who picks up loads from key shipper in California, wants to protect his goods.

This driver would check the shippers facilities out in California.


Shipping and Receiving

The driver might want to make sure there is a earthquake loss protection in place.

If the hub is in the epicenter of a lot of earthquake activities, this would be an important fact to learn.

You want to make sure the goods you ship and receive have protection from start to finish.

  • This is important because many owners and drivers do not realize they have gaps in protection.
  • They may have the coverage in place, the agent on board.
  • The only thing is both failed to protect against certain exposures unknown to you.


Overlook of Insurance Protection

Many agents and brokers have overlooked this type of protection not on purpose.

This is why it is important to do your homework before you buy and after.

  • The after can help protect your future investments.
  • If your operation is in the Midwest or east coast, check to see if you are in a potential flood zone.
  • You do not have to be on the coast states to have potential flood loss.
  • Review the territory, or find a flood specialist with the experience in that field.



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Special Form Options

Bot of these exposures are not covered under the standard special forms.

This is why it is important to review this stuff each time your policy comes to renew.

  • If already renewed, still have it reviewed by a professional. This is where oversight and gaps in coverage appear.
  • If you are a new venture, make sure to shop at least 3 top carriers, agents, brokers in your field.


Affordable Insurance in Orange County California

Not all providers are the same. Education is key and comparing programs is a must.

You need the right information to make the best decision.

This process should be easy and affordable. Service is a priority and helping people stay protected is our top concern.

Comparing coverage and price is important. If you need help finding a special policy feature or program contact us.

We can help find the best car insurance policy features for your business or personal needs.


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Insurance – Cheap General Insurance
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