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Do you need insurance quotes? You may need to find the cheapest auto insurance , or the general insurance  in California.

Regardless if you live in Los Angeles CA, or Orange County CA you need the right coverage.  If so, before you start comparing online quotes, let’s cover exactly what your getting. It makes sense to know what your policy itself covers.

No one likes surprises so, let’s start with the beginning of how this type of coverage was introduced to the public.


el general auto insuranceThe General Insurance – From the Beginning

The property coverage portion actually falls under the “Package Policy”, which was introduced in the late 1980’s by the Insurance Services Office as a modular for constructing coverage policies labeled as package policies.

The ISO developed a series of specialized forms, in which each form has a specific policy function attached to it.

The right combination of forms would create a complete, and custom-made policy tailored to a specific coverage need and or within a specific market.



Insurance Coverage Forms

Separate Forms

You can purchase any of the available coverage forms as a separate coverage policy termed in the policy language as “mono-line policy” meaning only one major kind of coverage exist.

However, or instead you could join other coverage’s to create a package policy, which would consist of two or more coverage parts.


What are the Advantages

There are several advantages of a having a package commercial coverage policy, as opposed to several mono-line policies.



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These advantages are as followed:

  • Discounts are available for Packaging Policy coverage
  • Fewer opportunities for gaps in coverage
  • Coverage is not duplicated
  • Having the convenience of having all your coverage on one policy


Insurance Policy Declarations

Under your property policy exist what is called a “Declarations Page”. Home and auto insurance policies also have this same language. They too have a declarations page.

This page will identify the named insured covered by the policy and the distinguishing elements of the policy coverage.


Simplify Definitions

For a more simplified approach, the insurance policy uses a conversational tone throughout the policy, referring to “you” as the named insured.

Also the word “we” as the company, so the legal jargon is reduced to a more casual style of writing.

There is no use of “party of the first part” found in this declaration page.

This is a prime example of the more casual style form of writing seen on a commercial property policy. This is similar to an auto insurance quotes.


progressive instant quoteSimple Insurance Language Style

The coverage form begins with a few simplified statements as the introduction.

It first cautions you to read the entire policy which mean all parts of the policy in addition to this coverage form.

It then will explain the various pronouns used throughout the declarations pages to refer to the named insured and the coverage company.

The last statement points out that the coverage form has a specific “definitions” section, which each word’s meaning will appear in quotation marks.


General Coverage Property Policies

Thirteen different commercial property coverage forms are included in the property package program.

Each one of these forms can be issued as a stand alone or it can be combined with other property forms.

Normally this is done on a mono-line policy, or can be issued with other coverage’s as part of a package policy.


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General Insurance Quote – Forms 

These forms that are included are as followed:


  • building and personal property coverage form
  • builders risk coverage form
  • business income coverage form
  • extra expense overage form
  • leasehold interest coverage form
  • legal liability coverage form
  • glass coverage form
  • condominium association coverage form
  • condominium commercial unit owners overage form
  • mortgage holders errors & omissions coverage form
  • tobacco sales warehouses coverage form
  • the standard property form


Business Owner Insurance Quotes

If you’re a business owner seeking business coverage or commercial property policy, than a common question you may have is, ” how to reduce my policy premium cost?”

Normally, business owners who take proactive measures to reduce loss and that have a good claim history will usually pay lower premiums.

So, review your current policy if you have one, for any reasons to your increase in premium.

This will help you shape your needs on an insurance level, which in turns helps your bottom line.


General Insurance – Policy Elements

Some elements that can minimize your business coverage premiums include:

  • instituting inventory-control measures,
  • installing security,
  • alarm, and sprinkler systems,
  • hiring security personnel,
  • and tightening hiring practices.

A major factor in determining premiums is whether you purchase an actual-cash-value (ACV) policy or a replacement-cost policy.


Progressive Insurance – Actual Cash Policy

An actual-cash-value policy reimburses you for the depreciated value of the property/item.

A replacement-cost policy ensures that you will be compensated for the cost of replacing any property/item at current market prices.


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Replacement Cost Policy

A replacement-cost policy will be more expensive, but the replacement item will be new.

Most Property policies are sold on a replacement-value basis.

You will usually be required to insure any leased property for its replacement value so take a few moments to review that you are currently properly protected on your business coverage policy.

If your interested in a new venture, to make sure you do your research on coverage options to ensure you are requesting the proper coverage required for your specific industry and needs.


Progressive Insurance Conditions of your Policy

  • Every policy has them and you should be somewhat familiar with them if you are looking for coverage protection.
  • If a condition can effect your policy coverage, then they should be important to review for your own good.
  • The first condition you will find in the policy language of your auto policy is the Notice of Cancellation form.


First Name Insured

This condition states that the firs named insured, or who is listed as the primary insured on the policy is able to cancel the policy.

If the insurer or company were to cancel the policy, they are only required to give advance notice to the first name insured.

This is an important reminder when getting insurance quotes online. Make sure you are putting the correct name for the first name insured.

Meaning, if you are shopping insurance rates for other people, then do not put your name on the policy information.


Insurance Changes – In Writing

Normally any changes that are done on your policy must be done in writing.

It truly is for your protection because you can only imagine the risk exposure if policy changes were done entirely over the phone.

A crazy ex could call on your behalf and remove a vehicle or make policy changes to hurt you.

This has happened in the industry as well as other exposures. So, make sure you understand this before you obtain general liability insurance business.


Changes to your general insurance  policy

This leads us into the next condition which is changes.

This condition states the first named insured is authorized to request change to the package policy.

However, this condition is subject to the insurer’s consent.


Condition of Examination

The next condition is labeled examination of records.

This condition gives the insurer or company the right to audit the insured’s books and records anytime during the policy period, and for threes years following the expiration of the policy.

This condition is frequently related to claims and or premium determination.

This makes sense because only during a claim or loss is coverage disputed.



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Review Insurance Policy Time

This is why it is so important to do a policy review not just on your business coverage policy but also your personal automobile policy.

Look over the coverage information and make sure it’s what you need to satisfy both the state and your finance company.




Review Policy Coverage Sections

After you review policy coverage, check the exclusion and underwriting section.

This area will guide to you onto how your coverage payout will take place during a loss or claim, how coverage will be determined.

Also, if any coverage exclusions would apply based on underwriting. Know where you stand before receiving insurance quotes.


General Insurance Policy Provisions

If you are in doubt of any provisions in your policy, make sure to go over the exclusionary ones first.

These provisions would determine how your policy will pay out and why you carry coverage in the first place.

The next condition is called premium basis.

This condition states the first named insured is responsible for paying the premium and entitled to receive any applicable refunds.


Transfer of Rights and Duties Condition

The next condition is transfer of rights and duties.

This means that if the insured wishes to transfer the policy to another party, the must have a written consent of the insurer.

So, even if you as the primary insured wants to transfer policy rights and duties doesn’t mean that the carrier will approve.


The Progressive Insurance Policy – Not all the Same

Some insurance companies do not offer these rights, so make sure to check with their guidelines before making any assumptions.

The next condition is labeled Inspections and surveys.

This condition states the insurer has the right to inspect the risk and make loss control recommendations.


Inspections for Safety

These inspections are used to help determine the the rate to be charged.

It is important to note these are not considered safety inspections.

These inspections will not warrant the insured is compliant with the safety laws and regulations.

This department is handled by OSHA. A federal agency with the acronym meaning, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This agency overseas the workplace heath and safety issues and would be contacted in the event of a safety or heath check.


insurance sr22Insurance Policy Preamble

Your policy will begin with a Declaration Page, as we described earlier in this article piece.

This page will identity the named insured covered by the policy and the distinguishing elements of the coverage.

As part of its simplified approach, the policy uses a conversational tone, just like this article.

Throughout the policy, the word YOU will refer to the named insured and the word WE means the insurance company itself. Now were talking progressive insurance.

No party of the party as an example are language you will find in the policy.


Simple Statements

The coverage form begins with a few simple statements.

First it cautions you to read the entire policy, meaning all parts of the policy in addition to this coverage form.

It then explains that various pronouns are used to refer to the named insured and company.

The last statement points out that the coverage form has a specific definition section.

This section includes the meaning of any words that appear in quotation marks can be found in that section.



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Coverage Forms

There are thirteen different commercial property coverage forms.

You can find them in your CPP program.

Each one of these forms can be issued alone or be combined with other property forms on a mono-line policy, or can be issued with other coverage as part of a package policy.


General Insurance Coverage Forms

Some of these coverage forms include the following below:

  • builders risk coverage form
  • business income coverage form with extra expense
  • business income coverage form without extra expense
  • extra expense coverage form
  • leasehold interest coverage form
  • legal liability coverage form
  • glass coverage form
  • condominium association coverage form
  • condominium commercial unit owners coverage form
  • mortgage holders errors and omissions coverage form
  • tobacco sales warehouses coverage form
  • the standard property form
  • building and personal property coverage form


Builder’s Risk Insurance Coverage Form

This coverage form, provides commercial property coverage for buildings or building alterations during the course of their construction.

It also includes coverage for foundations.

Also, if the foundation is situated within one hundred feet of the premises, fixtures and machinery used to service the building and material sand supplies used in the construction.


Other Coverage

It will also cover providing there are not other coverage applicable, coverage for temporary structures build or assembled on the site.

This would include, scaffolding, cribbing and construction forms.

In addition to providing coverage needed to meet the requirements for a building during construction, it also uses a rating method that recognizes the accumulation of value.


el general auto insuranceWorth Value

This value begins at zero and progresses to the completed value of the building.

The coinsurance requirement on a Builders Risk form is one hundred percent of the completed value.

Several endorsements which are used to modify the coverage under this are included under this section.

Some of the most common forms seen are that of:

  • business income form,
  • extra expense form,
  • building and personal property coverage form.


Comparative Insurance Policy Review

As you can see, many factors are considered in your policy agreement of coverage.

This is why people take to finding  free auto insurance quotes first. This provides a great platform in your quest to finding the lowest down insurance with the best plan.

Again, this is why we reiterate, ask questions regardless how insignificant you think they are.

Maybe today they sound small, but in the event of a loss and your entire investment is riding on a policy inclusion argument.

If you were unaware of some of the common policy exclusion, you may have taken other approached to your operation.

Finding cheap auto insurance is not the same as finding cheap general insurance. As you can see, there are many more components to your general policy then a personal automobile insurance policy.


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