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Insurance and Registration Process!


Step 1:

You can call or click for your insurance quote.


Make sure to pick your product line or service plan.


  • For example, a product can be anything from car insurance, truck insurance or motorcycle insurance.
  • Many more insurance products exist. So, if you do not see your specific item, let us know.
  • We can insure most types of vehicles and drivers, as well as niche industries.
  • High Risk Auto Insurance & Good Driver Car Insurance Available!


  • Service Plans Available for both insurance and registration needs.
  • We offer vehicle registration services as well as fillings with the State of California.
  • State Required Fillings and Registration services are available for commercial and personal vehicles.



Step 2:

Coverage options – Pick out what types of coverage options you desire.

  • This option is for both registration services and insurance services.
  • If you do not know what coverage options you need, no worries.
  • We can help with a comprehensive review or provide the standard State required coverage.



Step 3:

Buy Insurance for Car, Auto, Business, Truck and More. Buy Online Car Insurance or Buy Over the Phone!

  • Process Online DMV Registration Services. Instant DMV Notification, tags and more!
  • Instant Proof of Insurance Cards!
  • E-signatures of insurance documents!
  • Hard Copies of Insurance Documents mailed to your residence
  • Local Insurance Agencies



Insurance & Registration – The Convenient way to get legal!

Compare Quotes, no Hidden Fees, and the Convenience & Service you deserve!

Buying insurance protection should be easy.

The only difficult part of the process, is how fast you will receive proof of coverage.

Do your research, ask questions before processing an auto insurance policy.

Make sure to review your policy.

This is where it should reflect the information you provided during the quoting process.



Rating Indicators

Make sure to look at certain rating factors that can be adjusted by an agent.


These car insurance factors can be as simple as your annual mileage:

  • Look at this column. Make sure you are not being rated for driving less miles then you really do.
  • Why, you ask. Because, if you were to get involved in an accident and investigation transpired from it, this is where it gets sticky.
  • For example, even if you didn’t intentionally reduce your mileage, you will be held responsible to that number.


This is why your signatures are required when you initially buy your policy.

This is to ensure it is accurate and according to your terms.



Don’t Rush the Process

We all have immediate needs when it comes to insurance protection and getting evidence.

You may need insurance proof right away.


It could be for a new job listing, auto registration or a State Required filling:

  •  As you know, the reasons can be many. The bottom line is, the main reason is to get legal.
  • The definition of legal can mean a lot of different things to many people.
  • The State of California requires you to have it if you decide to drive.


But, you may not drive, due to extenuating circumstances and still need to get legal.




find cheap insurance quotes near me





Other Insurance Related Needs

There are so many reasons that drive us to compare and shop rates.

It does come down to price options.

If your looking for immediate insurance action, then time is your number factor.

You may have time obligations and need quick coverage. But this is the time people make mistakes.

When you are in a rush, you may overlook the most important details.

You may over pay for this quick process so, be sure to review all your payment receipts and transactions.

So, even though you might think your getting the cheapest insurance possible, are you really?

You might just be buying the lowest quality coverage with many gaps in coverage.

This is not how you want to protect yourself or your future.

Make wise decisions and insurance choices.



Insurance Near Me in California

We all do this, search online for local markets to help us with services or products.


We grab our smart phone and ask either SIRI or another online search app to find local places:

  • This type of application can assist shoppers to locate the best storefront or retail locations for their needs.
  • This GPS type system can locate the top picks depending on your mile radius.
  • This is convenient when you are out and about, and need to find a location fast.
  • This type of search application can help locate a niche item right by you.


Very nice feature when you need something locally.



Insurance Applications

So, we all see it, use, know about it, applications that is.

Apps are apart of our daily experiences whether it to organize your finances, school classes or job sites, we love them as consumers.

These applications can make our daily lives simpler and smoother.

Technology can now organize our lives in a matter of seconds.



Auto Insurance List?

No more laundry lists of things to do.

No more setting alarms or reminders on your phone or other devices.

There are applications that can handle all your needs.

Have a problem you need organizing or simplifying, then search for an app.

We have all hear the saying before, “there’s an app for that”.

Very common lingo in our technologically advanced society.

So, with all this advancement, insurance companies decided to take advantage of this usefulness.


Claims Process?

Now there are apps that can handle your claim from the click of your phone.

Your entire claim handling can be done in seconds.

No more waiting to submit and going back and forth through carrier channels.

This process can be handled with snap shot features directly from your phone.

There are also voice recognition systems and face recognition systems to record your information.

This technology comes from the hands free era and movement.


Insurance and Technology

Yes, these two things go in handy quite nicely.

Technology has made the insurance buying process so much smoother.

All you have to do now is call multiple insurance providers or go online to buy your insurance.

There was a time where you were forced to buy your insurance inside an office.

You would have to actually sit down in an office setting and do wet signatures.


Insurance in Technology?

Now with the advent of technology, signatures can be made online.

Systems like e-signature programs have helped paved the way for this advancement.

These time stamped electronically signed contracts are the same thing as if you were to buy in person.

This saves you a trip to the location, money on gas and more importantly time.

Time is our greatest asset.

If you can shave off time doing the same thing with the same outcome, then why wouldn’t you do it.

This statement also applies with the purchasing of insurance.

Those days of the 80’s and 90’s are over for insurance buying.

Agencies and carriers now have to keep up with these advances because the consumer expects this type of technology.



Cost to Business

Lacking this type of technology can cost a business.

If you can buy the same product, cheaper because of reduced overhead, then why wouldn’t you do it.

Understandably, there are situations where you will physically need to go into an office.



These circumstances happen when you need to do some type of vehicle registration.

Another case in example would be cash only clients.

If you are a cash only client, you still have over the phone buying options.

You can always purchase a pre paid credit card.

Green dot is a popular one since it can used like a regular credit card.

It also can be reloaded and used to book hotel rooms and car rentals to say the least.

It is a great option to those who do not have credit card options.

It is a good idea to have some type of plastic, because in some cases, just to reserve something will require a credit card.

You can kill two birds with one stone in this example.



Open Communication Channel

This is understandable and achievable. Just be frank when calling around for quotes.

If your doing online quotes, make sure to be open with all your driving behaviors.

If you have tickets and accidents, make sure to input that into the system if your doing an online insurance quote.

If if you do an over the phone quote, make sure to provide this information to your agent.

This will help reduce any communication breakdown and alleviate you from future headaches.



Insurance Communication Network

Communication is the most important tool we have.


Most of us don’t realize it’s the listening part that plays the heaviest role in communication:

  • Not just hearing, but actually listening and digesting information.
  • We can use it to find low cost insurance with great coverage.
  • The only way that communication will work for you in this process, is if you are open.
  • By being open or straightforward with what you are looking for and what you have, will you get what you want.


Insurance Formula?

This formula works for most things in life.

So, start with this approach before you begin your online search.

The best advice is to jot down what exactly you are looking for insurance wise, and put a budget you would like to keep your rates within.

If you want know other coverage information, it is always best to write it down on a pad of paper.

This way when your getting quotes you will not forget what questions you had.

This seems to always happen when you get rates.

You just get numbers and the simple coverage information. But you do not list other

Contact us, if you need to get the cheapest insurance coverage in California.


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