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Are you shopping for affordable liability insurance in California, regardless if you reside in Los Angeles CA, or Anaheim CA? If so, before comparing online quotes, make sure that you are familiar with the basic components of a Manufactures Insurance policy, which is a line found on a Commercial Property Insurance Package.

Regardless if you operate a small family business with 1 or 2 employees or to a highly complex global manufacturing or industrial giant, your property has exposures that need to be protected and addressed from an overall risk management perspective. This is the first step into protecting your largest investment, your business.

These exposures can include owned or leased real property, business equipment, processed or unprocessed inventory, property of others such as commercial bailments or employees’ and customers’ property, and the flow of income generated by the operations of the business.


Exposure Analysis

These exposures must first be analyzed and appropriately assessed in order to find the right risk management and loss mitigation techniques.

For the most part, all types of operations and businesses are eligible for building and personal property coverage with specialized versions of property coverage forms that exist for certain types of risk exposures that are indicative of the manufacturing industry.

Other coverage options are available under a manufactures covered policy, such as legal liability, value reporting, mortgage holders errors and omission, tobacco sales warehouses, and leasehold interest.


Policy Modifications

These are all available on a commercial property policy through separate individual forms.

The policy’s basic coverage may be modified in many various ways through the use of policy endorsements that are in place to add, remove, or change in some way the terms of the endorsed policy.


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Not Self Contained

The property policy is not-self contained since it is a part of the ISO’s modular format for a seamless combination with policy declarations forms, an appropriate cause of loss form, two conditional forms, and any other appropriate endorsements that form coverage.

These types of coverage options are that of general liability and commercial property coverage which form a commercial package policy.

This is where you will find your complete packaged policy for complete protection of your operation or business industry.


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Secure Right Coverage at Right Price

Insurance for manufacturing company is one of the most important aspects for the success of a manufacturing business.

As the owner of a manufacturing business, you have to worry about your equipment, building, vehicles, workers compensation, and the list goes on. Below are examples of what protection you will find on your policy.


Manufacturers Insurance Protection Products

Manufacturing companies large and small have several risks that should be covered in one package. Below is a list of products that can be obtained through your packaged policy through an endorsement:


  • Equipment
  • Property
  • All vehicles
  • Products


General Insurance Package

Your industry is treated like any other commercial business, so your manufacturer insurance coverage includes the following types of coverage:

  • General Liability
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)



Additional Coverage Options 

If you are looking for additional coverage options for your commercial property policy, than continue reading on.

Your commercial property policy contains additional coverage such as consequential or indirect loss not covered by the insuring agreement to cover direct damage.


Covered Expense

The expense covered under the additional coverage are all result from a direct loss, but are not direct physical damage as required by the insuring agreement that you originally signed.

While not directly attributable to the insured peril, they are nevertheless attendant expenses necessary to return the insured to a pre-loss state and for which insurance coverage has been designed to respond.


Covered Loss

As an example, a covered loss that left debris behind that needed to be removed, undamaged property that needs to be relocated in order to protect it against further loss, or a building code creates increased rebuilding costs would all be covered in this additional coverage feature.

The commercial property policy provides six additional coverage options, which are listed below for your convenience:

  • Debris removal
  • Electronic data
  • Preservation of Property
  • Increased cost of construction
  • Fire department service charge
  • Pollutant clean-up and removal



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Tips on Coverage Information

Commercial lines has a new developments within the industry. These types of policies lines are legislated and are subject to change within the law at any time. It’s not only a good practice as a consumer to glance on the new laws if any effecting your type of coverage.

For example, if you want to learn about any new developments, you can always check with the California Department of Insurance at to learn more.


Products and Services

In addition to all of the different types of commercial coverage’s available and mentioned in this article, there are also coverage that is available to transfer risk for identity theft, intellectual property, and cyber threats.


Identity Theft Coverage

Identity theft coverage is an optional endorsement available under your homeowners policy.

This coverage protects you if a criminal event should occur, an impostor obtains your personal information, such as information to open up new credit cards or bank accounts.

These new accounts and credit cards are used in your name of course by the impostor, and they rake up huge expenses leaving you with the bill. Not fair.



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Endorsement Protection 

The endorsement available under your home policy, provides first party coverage for expenses insured by an insured as a direct result of any one identity theft first discovered during the policy period.


Intellectual Property 

This product is of the human intelligence, especially as one may be entitled to the commercial proceeds of such products, such as patents or copyrights.

Cyber Coverage is designed to protect businesses if they should fall victim to hacker attacks or any other form of online mischief or catastrophe.


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Policy Conditions

Some of the provisions or guidelines you must be aware of on your policy is Crime General Provisions. These provisions are attached to every policy that includes a crime coverage endorsement, which can be on a mono-line or packaged policy.

These provision apply to all crime coverage’s which are part of the actuality, which only apply to the coverage part of the policy as well.

Having a separate form for general provisions reduces any redundancy. This is eliminated by the need to attach the same provision to each coverage form.



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Many Conditions

There are many conditions that apply to a crime form. These crime forms are similar to those found on other commercial forms.

Various conditions do apply and are described regarding the policy period, policy territory, your duty to keep records, terms for legal actions against your carrier.

In addition, treatment of loss when other insurance applies and the carrier’s subjugation rights when losses are paid. Key provision that are more specific are as followed.


Loss Sustained Form

This form covers losses that occur during the policy period and losses that are discovered and reported during the policy term. You have up to one year after the policy expires to report this information.


Discovery Form

This form covers losses that occur either prior to the policy inception date or during the policy period.

These losses that are discovered and reported during the policy period or up to 60 days after the policy expires will still have coverage with this type of form


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