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Regardless if you live in Orange CA, or Moreno Valley CA, you need to find cheap insurance agencies near you.

This is especially true if you love the outdoors and own a snowmobile. This also applies to any other type of all terrain vehicle. Finding the lowest down payment on any type of coverage policy does not mean you have to sacrifice quality of protection.

Most people do not realize for the most part, all providers have the same carriers. The bottom line is, who will do it at the lowest price possible.

This is why many people go online in search of a better rate.


Finding the Best Insurance Coverage

Your next step is to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your needs.

Even if you travel out-of-state on vacation, you may purchase ATV insurance that will follow your toy. You can normally package your automobile policy with a snowmobile one.

What this means you are looking to bundle the two.

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Bundle with Car Insurance Policy

So, if you’re a snowmobile enthusiast and look forward to the winter to play with your all terrain vehicle, then make sure it is protected prior to taking off into winter wonderland.

Even though insuring your snowmobile is not mandatory in most circumstances, you may want to purchase it anyway.

This is because of the many benefits and protection it offers you.


Insurance Protection

Like your vehicle coverage policy, snowmobile coverage can offer protection for the actual vehicle.

This is in the event of a a covered loss. Many providers and companies can provide this protection.

Even with this said, you may need to shop for specific coverage options.

There are in some cases that you can qualified for a bundled policy discount.

This means that if you have a current product insured, like your car or home, you can add or bundle in for savings.


Discounts Available to You

This might be an easier solutions when shopping and comparing quotes. Make sure to ask what discounts are available, since they do vary from carrier to carrier.

Other than snowmobiles, there are all sorts of land bound motorized vehicles that typically are not thought of as cars.

Further, they may not be best insured or even possible in some circumstances, under a personal automobile policy.


Specialty Vehicles

Carriers use the term specialty vehicle and recreational vehicles to refer to these machines.

These include:


min bikes,

dirt bikes,


motor homes,

camper trailers,

three or four wheeled all terrain vehicles,

electric or gas powered golf carts and dune buggies.


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Not Covered under Homeowners 

Normally, these vehicles are not covered under a homeowners policy.

In fact, a homeowners policy actually excludes liability and medical payments coverage for anything to do with types of motorized vehicles.

It may provide coverage fora boat that is stored on the premises that is insured, as well as provide coverage for a golf cart or ATV used to service the insured’s property.


Stand Alone Policy

But if you are going to be using these types of vehicles offsite, then you really need to get proper coverage.

This can be as easy as adding an endorsement to an existing homeowners policy or to your auto policy.

However, for the most part, you will want to get special stand alone coverage just for type of vehicle that you have.

You want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage and is why a dedicated program is catered to these specialized motorized vehicles.


Endorsement to Add On

You can always start with your current carrier to double check to see whether they can add an endorsement to have this coverage.

Just make sure that the endorsement you are adding, doesn’t cost you any out of pocket fees.

Normally, most polices do not require any fees out of pocket until you receive your next installment. The premium change will reflect  on our next statement.

However, there are carriers that are equity based and require the total premium upfront or in spread out payments, including the coverage date.


Declaration Page

Just like with any other coverage policy, you will receive a declaration page of your specialty item.

The declaration page will contain the specific information needed for your specific policy.

This information will include the manes of people that are listed and covered on the policy.

Make sure to review your exclusion driver list is any. Sometimes, insureds will not know they have a provision on their policy which does not allow for other operators.

These types of polices are called name insured, meaning only the drivers listed on the policy are the only drivers that will be covered in the event of a loss.


Permissive Use

Permissive use coverage allows for other drivers of vehicles to use your vehicle with permission of course. As long as this driver does not live in the same household or will be using the vehicle on a frequent basis.

If the driver uses your vehicle more frequently than a few times a month, then you want to make sure that they have permissive use coverage on their policy.

This will protect you regardless if your policy includes or excludes.


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Effective Date

Your declaration page will also show policy effective date, when you started your policy. It will show the vehicle covered, in this case your snowmobile.

The policy will have the effective date posted like described above, but just make note that there is also an expiration date. This date shows when coverage stops or ends.

A key thing to not on the expiration date is the time of day. You will the time appear next to the date of expiration date. This pinpoints the exact time at which coverage begins and ends.


Policy Example

As an example, if your policy started at midnight, and you get involved in an accident at 11:55 p.m., guess what, you will not be covered.

Yes, this is how important it is to look over these dates and times.

The declaration page will also mention any specific kinds of coverage added to or dropped from a standard policy.

If you were to add on this specialty coverage to your existing home policy then you would just process an endorsement with your carrier.

These endorsement are what change the coverage types and options on a policy. In most cases, no out of pocket monies should be needed.


Policy Definitions

After your declaration page, you will see a place that has your basic information called the definitions section.

This part of your policy will be where you find some of the most common terms.

Loss, which is defined in your policy language does not generally mean misplacement. Loss can mean a direct financial loss of value as a result of situations that are covered by the policy.


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Covered Auto

Covered auto is seen throughout your policy is refer to the specific vehicles that are listed on your declaration page. The vehicle has to be listed on the policy in order to be considered insurable.

In addition, you want to confirm the VIN number or vehicle identification number.

If you see any mistakes, make sure to bring this to your carriers attention so they can process an endorsement to change.

The next term you may see and be of importance to you if you do not own a vehicle is a non owned auto.

This new addition to some policy forms written. It relates to coverage for vehicles you’ve borrowed or rented.



The term collision does not have to actually involve smashing into something. It can also be damage caused by the upset or overturn of a covered auto is considered collision damage.

In addition, collision does not necessarily involved multiple vehicles, if the insured hits a bridge or tree, mailbox, that’s considered a collision as well.

However, if you do hit an animal or bird, this is not considered a collision according to most standard policies. The damage would fall under other than collision or OTC.

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