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Do you need SR22 Car Insurance in California regardless if you live in Los Angeles or Orange County CA? Normally, after a DUI conviction, you will be required to carry the filing with the state of California. This provides the liability coverage required by the State of California to allow your driving privileges to be reinstated. Let’s go over a few questions you may have with your fillings and insurance in California.

The most common question is, what exactly is this filling and how much does it cost. Great question, because under certain circumstances, this filling can show an increase in your premium. Not because of the actual filling, but rather why you need the filling.

Did you receive the filling notice because you have a suspended license for unpaid parking tickets, or from a DUI result in an injury at fault accident.

The two different examples show how the cause of the filling can really cost you, not the actually filling itself. So, don’t confuse the two.


What is SR-22 Car Insurance?

This filling is not really insurance but rather a certificate that your auto carrier will file with the state of California to verify you have insurance coverage.

The filling will change your driving status from revoked to either restricted or suspended. This can mean the difference of you driving to and from work or not. Remember, just like your  carrier notifies the DMV of your coverage, the same exact communication is given if you do not maintain your  policy.

So, make sure to always make your payments so, you do not wind up on this roller coaster ride with the DMV.


Filling Costs

car insurance anaheimIf you have an existing automobile policy then you can contact them and notify them that you need immediate  fillings on your policy. Normally the filing costs are from $25-$45 if you do have an active policy in place.

However, if you do not have an active policy in place then you need to specialty providers who specialize in High Risk Drivers Insurance and can find you a cheap coverage Quote.

Remember a few things before buying online coverage  in California. Always make sure the company or provider you are buying your policy through can issue an electronic  filling with the DMV. This important detail is sometimes overlooked.

If you can not have your filling submitted electronically, than you run the risk of turning in your proof of coverage late. Also, always make sure you are provided with a copy for the filling.


The Beginning

Before you start your journey in finding the lowest possible insurance, let’s look at a few of the basics when it comes to your coverage. So many of us our in a rush to buy, and then realize after the purchase the deal has gone terribly wrong.

So many factors can cause for a bad experience but lack of the basics shouldn’t be one them.

Let’s begin with how coverage became apart of our economy. It can help shape why we pay into this product slash commodity in some cases, which all depends on the type of marketing used.

The protection of coverage affords us and we don’t even realize it. We would have to spend so much more time and money protecting our investments and selves from the risks of loss and less time enjoying the pleasure life has to offer.

Coverage is a very old concept believe it or not. It basically means many people paying a little bit of money to create a bigger pool of money. This bigger pool can help anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer a loss is able to be reimbursed financially for that loss.



non owner sr22 insurance quotes

non owner sr22 insurance quotes



Coverage Defined

First, coverage is designed to make a loss whole again. In the most simplest terms, a loss occurs when things you own are destroyed or reduced in valued.

For example, if your house burns to the ground, your coverage would provide the funds to rebuilt your house.

This idea is to pay for your actual losses without allowing you to make money.

This is the definition of what it means to make whole again.


Legally Binding

In addition, it is vital to note that an policy is a legal binding contract between two parties. One party is the insured person, who in this example is you, and the other is the insurance company or insurer.

As is true with all contracts, an insurance policy describes the rights and obligations of each party. In addition, the policy identified how much you must pay to receive those rights.

This amount is known as the premium. It’s the installments you pay each month. Depending on your pay plan, all the monies for the most part go directly toward your premium.

In some cases, people decide to pay the total premium off in one payment.

This is called paid in full and can reduce any installment fees installment plans can occur. Sometimes it better to pick a billing schedule that is spread out over a longer term. It reduces the cost of out of pocket monies and can allow the insured to budget in how much money is leaving their account each month for that bill.



california sr22 law

california sr22 law


Tagged on Fees

The only tip to be on the look out is, if you do have an installment plan, great, but check to see if you can set up on EFT or auto pay.

Auto pay or electronic funds transfer can shave off the installment fee tagged on by most insurance companies to accept payment.

Some polices may only let you change the billing schedule at the time you purchased your policy. Other may have an option to set up your billing schedule on a later plan.


Liability Portion

Your liability policy identified how much the company is obligated to pay, if certain events should occur.

The maximum amount an insurance company will have to pay is the limit of insurance. This limit of coverage can be found on your policy declaration page.

This page will have all your important information that you will want to review. Your policy number, company, effective date, billing schedule and pay plan and an itemized breakdown of premium for coverage.

The study of coverage is full of jargon that is unique to the industry. As with any industry, some important keywords are important to understand but also to know the important basic concepts.



auto insurance anaheim ca

auto insurance anaheim ca



General Insurance – Hidden Fees

Lastly, always make sure your company or  provider is NOT charging you for any future policy changes such as adding/deleting a car or driver.

Unfortunately, these additional fees are not always disclosed to the consumer. Mostly people find out when they go to make a change on their policy are our asked for out of pocket fees.

That inexpensive coverage policy doesn’t appear to be discounted when you factor in these cost, so, ask before buying. Moreover, hidden fees not only cost you short term, but if you decide to cancel and go with another company or provider you would have to put another down payment to start a brand new policy.


Insurance Services Anaheim CA

Ask questions and do your homework before you buy a state required filling. If your looking for honest rates, fantastic customer service and 30 Years of Insurance Experience then Target Up Insurance is your one stop insurance shop!

Target Up Insurance has been helping people find car insurance Anaheim CA and affordable sr22 insurance in the following counties for over 30 years: Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego CA. If you need any help or just have some questions about getting Insurance with or without a car, than give us a call at 800-962-0085


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