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Are you shopping for affordable Store Insurance or car insurance Costa Mesa CA? Even if you live in Orange CA or Rancho Cucamonga California, you still need coverage.

As a store owner, protection against any lawsuits or financial losses is top priority.

A single lawsuit can wipe out your reserve.  Think of all the exposure or risks that your business may encounter on a daily basis.


Comparing Business Insurance

An auto liability policy is a lot different in coverage than a business policy. Some examples of what your policy would cover in the course of just doing business is a slip and fall case.

If a customer should fall and injure themselves on your property or premises. Property that has damage or stolen would have coverage.



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Employee Coverage

This coverage can offer protection to your employees as well.

If so, than your policy would kick in coverage if they should become injured or sick.

These coverage options fall under the Commercial package umbrella. You can buy individual coverage as well. You may not need all the coverage options available in a package policy.

This depending on the type of policy you are buying for your specific industry.


Comparing Insurance Options

Comparing coverage protection is just as important as reviewing your current policy. Review your current policy. You want to look for any gaps in coverage.

This process can ensure for no future surprises if a claim or loss should occur.

Also, review your retail policy each year also. This helps to make sure you have the right coverage’s at hand.


Increasing Protection

As your business starts to grow so will the need to increase certain coverage options.

You will want to update your policy information if you have any changes.

You want to make sure your policy reflects your current business operation.

This follow up will make sure you are protecting your assets.


Optional Features Overview

It is important to ask what coverage options are available on your policy. You will want to provide accurate information on your quote.

You will want to make a list of your short term, mid term and long term goals. This will help to asses the right coverage. This also helps to save you money on your policy.

If you get rid of coverage options that you do not need for your business, it only takes away from your total premium.

Even if your business is the size of a fortune 500 company or just a small business, coverage is important.


Different Policy Programs

There are different coverage options. You will want to explore each and make sure it fits into your industry. You will also want to look at the volume amount of each coverage.

You will have underwriting questions to answer. This is the normal way to find the right protection. This makes sure you understand exactly what you are buying.


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Policy Review

You will also want to talk with your agent, broker or adviser about future growth. If your business starts to take off in volume, you want to make sure your coverage is there to kick in.

Not all policies have this option. There are restrictions or limitations to some polices when growth and volume applies.

This is why it is important to jot down any potential areas of growth. For example, if you are starting a TV campaign, than you may have a spike in traffic.


Commercial Package

As mentioned, a Commercial Package policy offers many options and coverage protection.

There are programs out there designed for coverage for your specific industry.

A list of types of coverage options you may find on your policy are as followed:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Loss of Income Insurance
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Valuable Papers Coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance


Basic Policy Structure

The basic policy structure and policy coverage options.

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Electric Repairmen
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Heating Contractors
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Lighting Consultants
  • Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Construction Companies


What is General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance, or GL, is a fundamental element of any store insurance strategy.

It could provide protection against lawsuits and other financial liabilities. These lawsuits can result from things like slips, building damage, lawsuits. Also, other business related risks.

For example, let’s say you have an accident on your property that is your fault.

You could expect to pay damages in this incident.


Important Protection

Since accidents or injuries are difficult to predict and damage awards

can be astronomical, liability insurance is perhaps the most coverage.

Even a multi-million dollar judgment can disrupt a business operation. Bankruptcy can be a reality in this case.


No Reserve

If you are a company that does not have a reserve pool, this could be a total loss.

A total loss as in no more money to run your business. This has happened to many owners.

Remember, we live in a sue happy state. Regardless in where you live or have a store, make sure you have the right coverage.


Policy Definition

What is General liability coverage. It is by definition a coverage to protect a wide variety of exposures.

The general liability part covers for legal obligations.

These legal obligations should arise out of injuries or damage. These injuries suffered by the member of the public, customers, tenants and others.



This coverage began with insuring agreements. These agreements can be quite broad in definition and in coverage terms.

You will find exclusions on your policy. These exclusions are particularly important in shaping the coverage of the policy.

Th reason for exclusions is the policy is broad in scope.


Other Endorsements

There are endorsements that exclude other various coverage options.

These endorsements only include coverage from liability arising out of scheduled locations only. Coverage options elsewhere still have preservation.

You can add an endorsement to reduce the broad contractual liability coverage.

This protection can have more limited coverage. Protection for incidental contracts and can vary depending on industry or trade.


Separate Forms

Separate coverage forms are available for certain companies. Companies that have limited and specific exposure would benefit with this separate form.

This form is optional and can provide only the products and completed operations.

Another form exist, which provides owners and contractors protective coverage.


Form Requirements

This form requires a contractor or subcontractor to provide coverage.

An owner or contractor in specific job cases, may request you to show proof of coverage. This proof can done through buying a separate policy.


Job Description

Many factors go into comparing coverage. Job description is just one component.

Not every provider or carrier will specialize in your specific industry. If you are not getting proper coverage for your needs, than you may have gaps.

These gaps or limitations can be costly.


Loss Conditions

A separate form attaches to your property coverage form. This coverage from includes common policy conditions. Individual coverage forms also include conditions applicable to specific coverage or losses.

Conditions spell out rights and obligations of the parties to the contract. It will describe some of the provisions that affect the scope of coverage.

Loss conditions applies to all other conditions that affect the coverage form. The entire policy and address issues that related only to commercial property losses.



The abandonment condition states that you may not abandon property to the company.

If the property has damage even just to a part of the property, you have no right to turn it over to the company. You can not demand payment for a total loss.

There are other conditions that give the company the right to rebuild or replace. Only the damage part of the property will be replace or rebuilt.



An appraisal condition kicks in when an appraisal for both parties cannot agree.

The disagreement is on the value of property or the amount to f a loss. Either party may demand an appraisal and each will share the costs of appraisal.

If there is still disagreement on the value for the property or the amount of loss, than another step occurs.

Either party may make a written demand for an appraisal of the loss.

In this event, each party will select a competent and impartial appraiser. The two appraisers will select an umpire.


No Agreement

If there is no agreement period, than a judicial request is the next step.

The selection of the judge will depend on him or her having jurisdiction.

The appraisers will have separate values of the property and amount of loss.


Final Decision

If they fail to agree, then they will submit their differences to the umpire.

A decision agreed to by and two will binding.

Each party has to pay for the chosen appraiser.

If there is an appraisal, you still have the right to deny the claim.


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