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Do you have tow trucks or a tow truck operation? If you answered yes, then your looking for commercial tow truck insurance quotes, or affordable insurance in California.

This is a true statement, regardless if you live in Anaheim CA, and have your truck parked in Los Angeles or Santa Ana CA? If you are in this industry then you understand it’s not the easiest market to find coverage.

You might have already experienced the difficulty in finding an insurance provider who specializes in towing insurance?


truck insurance los angeles caCalifornia Insurance Programs

If you own a tow truck business or need coverage for your own vehicle, then you know the limitations California Insurance programs have for your market.

Your not alone, since many tow truck drivers or trucking businesses in California face the task of finding the right coverage for their risk.

This can be frustrating if you are searching for coverage if you were recently denied coverage.

This is because there are only a limited amount of carriers or insurance providers that provide coverage for this risk.



High Risk Market

This is because of the high risk involved in the coverage and claim processing. Only a handful of programs and options exist if your in this industry.

If you are classified in this industry but also have tickets and accidents on your driving record, then it becomes almost impossible to find affordable rates.

You are now narrowing your options to compare rates. You may be lucky to find one or two carriers to place your risk if the risk has an added layer of exposure.



Towing Insurance Programs

Towing Insurance Programs

Do not get frustrated, even though this alone can become frustrating.

This is because, not only is your classification in the industry labeled as a hard to place risk or high risk insurance but, so are the insurance companies who offer these products.

Many commercial auto insurance companies choose to not cover these risks due to the nature of the business.

This only creates the shopping experience to find and compare cheap tow truck insurance even harder.


The Business of Towing

A tow truck business is any business that earns income through several avenues:

  • by towing or providing roadside repair to disabled vehicles,
  • operating a repair facility
  • or performing some repossession work.


If there’s a tow truck in your garage, you just may have a tow truck business.

To protect your business investment, you will need a low cost coverage if you fall into one of the following categories:


Insurance Coverage Options


Types of Coverage




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Minimum Liability Coverage

The lowest amount of liability coverage on your commercial auto policy that you must maintain is, $750,000 BI/PD.

However, depending on what tow contracts you have you may be required by your contracts to maintain the higher limit of $1,000,000 BI/PD.

Make sure to refer to state requirements for your specific industry and your contractual agreement to ensure you are carrying the correct limits.


Coverage Options

Additionally, there are coverage options that are only available to the towing insurance industry. These include but are not limited to:

  • On-hook (covers vehicles that are being towed)
  • Garage keepers (covers vehicles while in the care and custody of an owner)
  • Tow Truck Insurance Physical Damage Section



Tow Truck Insurance Physical DamagePhysical Damage Coverage

Under the physical damage section, the tow truck insurance coverage form agrees to pay for loss to a covered auto or its equipment under any of the three separate insuring agreements.

These are labeled as:

  • comprehensive coverage,
  • specified causes of loss,
  • and collision coverage.


Each insurance coverage applies only if one or more coverage symbols and premium are shown in the declarations.

This is why it is paramount to review your towing insurance policy carefully.


Comprehensive Review

When comprehensive coverage applies:

  • it will pay for loss from any cause, including theft except collision with another object or overturn of the vehicle, which is the definition of collision coverage.

Remember, comprehensive coverage is written with a deductible, but the deductible will not apply to loss caused by fire or lightning, since this provision is stated in your declarations.

The physical damage deductible provision, and does not appear here in the coverage agreements.


Specified Causes

When specified causes of loss coverage which applies to your policy, will only pay for loss caused by any of the perils specified in the agreement.

A $25 deductible applies only to loss by vandalism or mischief.

You can find this provision in your insurance paperwork.

It is stated in the declarations and does not appear in your coverage form.



tow trucks servicesCollision Coverage

When collision coverage applies, it will pay for loss caused by collision with another object or the overturn of the auto.

Not that “collision” does not necessarily mean collision with another vehicle, it can include collision with a tree or a bridge.

This coverage is written with a deductible.




Towing and Labor Costs

The physical damage section on your tow truck insurance includes an agreement for towing and labor costs.

These are incurred when a covered auto is disabled.

This coverage is optional and the amount of coverage for each disablement of an auto will be the limit shown in the declarations.

Special provisions do apply to:

  • glass breakage,
  • hitting a bird or animal,
  • and damage caused by falling objects or missiles.



business auto insurance fontana ca



Personal Lines

If an automobile is insured for comprehensive coverage, the towing insurance company will pay.

This payment will come under the “comprehensive coverage”:

  • for glass breakage and loss by hitting a bird or animal,
  • or loss caused by falling objects
  • or missiles.


This usually works to the insured’s advantage, because comprehensive is usually written with a lower deductible than collision coverage.

However, the insured is given the option of having glass breakage paid as a collision loss.

This removes a possible double deductible if glass breakage and other damage result from a collision.


Common Policy Provisions

Let’s look at some common policy provisions you may find on a commercial truck policy. These provisions are defined as additions to the policy or endorsements.

The first endorsement is broad named insured. It is not uncommon for an organization to find itself participating in a venture that is not foreseen when occurrence is arranged.

Under most policies, such unnamed entities must be reported to the carrier for coverage to apply.



autotrader used tow trucksISO General Liability

For example, the ISO general liability form only provides coverage for newly acquired entities in which insured has a majority interest.

The extension is limited to 90 days and does to cover joint ventures and partnerships.

The endorsement is referred to here as a manuscript endorsement that is used to extend a policy to provide automatic coverage.






A common policy provision that specifies the minimum percentage of insurable value that must be carried on a covered property item.

If the amount of coverage carried is less than what is required by this clause, any claim payment may be reduced by the same percentage as the deficiency.


Prior Insurance Coverage

Yes, under certain conditions, your insurance company will pay under the current policy for the loss that has occurred under.

This would be the prior insurance coverage you had, when the loss could have been recovered. The exception however is for the expiration of the discovery period under the prior insurance coverage.

This applies only to the current policy. The one that took effect on the date of the prior policy termination date.

But, also the same type of loss is covered by the current policy. Just remember, both covered losses are covered items under each policy.


Time Coverage of Insurance

This feature provides a window of time coverage across both polices.

This is helpful to reduce any gaps in coverage, as long as a crime policy is renewed immediately upon expiration. Other then that, you are adequately covered on this front.

The most the insurance company will pay on this type of policy is found under the provisional section of your policy. You can also find the necessary guidelines of each policy.

These are normally found under the conditions agreement.

The only side note to this would statement would be, to maintain the effective date to coincide under the prior policy. This prior policy had remained in effect, and which ever policy comes out less is the winner.


truck insurance californiaPolicy Overview

The overview of this prior insurance condition is as followed:

Coverage has to become effective at the time of termination or cancellation of the prior insurance policy.

The loss would also be covered by the insurance policy that had it been in effect when the acts or events causing the loss were committed or occurred during that policy period.

The condition under the insurance policy, no in addition to the limits of insurance are limited to the lesser of the amounts recoverable.


This means :

1. The effective date of the coverage or,

2. The prior coverage always remained in effect.


Prior Policy Recovery Amount

For conversation purposes, let’s say a loss did occurred using this example.

If a loss is covered partly by the current policy and partly by a prior policy issued, then the most paid out would be the amount recovered under the current policy. Or the prior policy, whichever one is larger.



If a loss covered under this type of condition should take effect then:

a. In portion by the current insurance policy

b. Another portion would be covered by any prior cancelled or terminated insurance that was an affiliate of the company. Or even if it had issued coverage to you or your vested party on the policy, IT would pay the larger of the amount recoverable. This type of coverage can be found under the prior coverage if applicable.

As we have discussed in many articles and blogs, insurance coverage is not for an insured or vested party involved with the policy to make a profit.


Peace of Mind Coverage

This is not the concept of coverage. It serves as peace of mind to both the party vested but also to maintain the normal functions of daily society.

Yes, coverage protection effects many parties, and not just the insuring parties. Some, which are involved in the transaction of the process of buying coverage. To the actual loss or claim of the policy.

There are so many directions the life of an insurance policy takes on. From the initial point of contact to that of filling a claim.

This is why it is paramount to find a highly qualified insurance agent who specializes in just the niche market you need. They can ensure you are not under protected when you need protection the most.

Makes sure your business operation is represented by a skilled insurance agency located in Los Angeles. This is your first step of limiting business exposure.



tow insurance

Deductible Coverage

The policy provision that specifies the amount that will be deducted from any loss to covered property before payment will be made to insure is a deductible.

Although the method of applying the deductible can vary.

But, it normally will fall under one of the following categories, most commonly under the first.



Insurance Category

  • straight occurrence deductible – this is applied on a per occurrence of loss basis
  • annual or per disaster aggregate deductible – is applied up to a stated amount for all claims for one or more specified lines of business. Once that limit has been reach, no deductible would apply for any other claim for either the policy year or a particular disaster, depending on the type of aggregate form.
  • disappearing deductible – the amount of the deductible decreases as the loss increases decreases until the application of the deductible disappears.
  • franchise deductible – when a loss reaches a stipulated amount the deductible ceases to apply.


Examination of records

An ISO common policy condition that gives a carrier the right to examine and audit a company’s policy.

This is up to the time period specified in the provision. The current ISO common policy conditions form allows for three years.

Occasionally, this is reduced to 1 year to eliminate what is perceived as excessive examination rights by some.


Loss Adjustment Expenses

A term that refers to cost associated with a property loss that may not be fully covered in many property and inland marine forms.

The contracts stipulate that the insured must prove any loss and its amount.

But, are mostly silent on whether costs involved will be treated as of the loss.



transportation insurance quotes californiaAdditional Expenses

Some insurers may be willing to offer a manuscript endorsement to covers such expenses.

These expenses can include the following:

  • costs for attorney or  accountant fees,
  • engineering services,
  • fess for independent appraisers and hard costs associated with preparation,
  • copying and mailing of proof of loss requirements.




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